TDTea Discovery Kit
TDTea Discovery Kit

TDTea Discovery Kit

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Let us take you on a virtual walk through the TDT tea garden. Find yourself some exciting blends, and unique flavors of the rarest and premium quality teas. We’ve brought together 5 rare teas in this discovery kit. Dig into this treasure trove & unfold a magnificent experience.

Sample Pack Specification:

  • GT13 - Hong Qing Baked, 15g - Nurtured with care and expertise, hong qing baked undergoes a patient baking on the charcoal fire to let the flavor notes evolve majestically. It has a strong vegetal taste with slight glassy undertones and is extremely good for your heart. Brew a warm cup post-workout to rehydrate your body.
  • BLD85 - The Great Green Rooibos, 15g - A Rooibos tea blend infused with the three different flavors of cinnamon, kaffir lime leaves, and rooibos. Rooibos is exclusively grown in South Africa, when mixed with lime leaves and cinnamon it envelops into a majestic elixir that transits you to tranquil.
  • BT23 - Chinese Dianhong Golden Needle Long Bud - Platine Black Loose Leaf Tea, 15g - A gourmet black tea naturally infused with a golden color and gentle sweet aroma. Experience luxury in every sip you take, the extensive health benefits of this tea acts as a cherry on the top. Brew a warm cup that detoxifies and relieves stress.
  • OT06 - Classic Taiwanese Oolong Tea - Argent Loose Leaf Tea, 15g - An everyday classic infused with robust flavors and a tangy taste. Discovered in the lands of Taiwan, this tea is grown by natural oxidation in the rocky terrains and cool weather that helps to evolve its soothing sweet taste, further the experts roll and curl these leaves to fold them in floral aromas. A brew filled with luxury, relish a cup before you start your day to double the energy.
  • WT12 - Indian Organic White Bai Mudan - Argent Loose Leaf Tea, 15g - A rich, velvety, fluffy whole leaf tea nurtured with delicacy in the mystic mountain air of Darjeeling. This aromatic blend is refreshingly infused with fruity flavors derived from its two leaves, one bud plucking technique. The unique plucking method plays a prominent role in evolving the taste of this tea. It has fuller flavors, strong potency and is extremely good for your skin.

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