About Us

Artofa definition – [aar-toe-fah] noun
The art of gifting; indulge in gifts that speak to the heart
At Artofa, our aim is to make gifting an exciting and effortless experience. We offer a selection of unique and carefully curated gifts from a diverse set of emerging and well-established brands, all on one platform. The gift selection exudes a sense of luxury, with a modern and contemporary style sensibility.
Artofa is an e-store with a two-fold concept - online shopping for gift items along with a gift registry service for special occasions. This platform brings together gift items of varied categories such as fashion, beauty, home, lifestyle and wellness. It’s a one-stop shop for gifting, catering to a variety of age groups and occasions including birthdays, weddings, baby showers and festivals.
Offering a fresh perspective on gifting needs, Artofa is a marketplace that makes shopping for gifts convenient and fun. It provides a seamless experience not just for the person gifting (gifter), but also for the recipient (giftee) by ensuring they receive a personal and tasteful gift packaged to perfection.
Through our gift registry, we enable clients to create a wish-list of gifts they would like to receive on special occasions. One can choose items from different brands on the Artofa website and share their lists with family and friends to guide them in their purchase. It also gives the gifter the satisfaction that they’re adding something of utility and meaning to their loved one’s celebration.
We welcome you to browse our thoughtfully curated collection and hope you find something to pamper and indulge your loved ones.