Our Story

Artofa is the brainchild of a sister-trio who hope to make gifting an easy, enjoyable and rewarding experience. Their strong passion for business is inherited from their father, a three time successful entrepreneur, whose journey has guided their ambitions and career goals from the beginning. They look forward to bringing together their diverse experience, style sensibilities and complementary skill sets to create a successful next-gen family venture.


Dare to dream, commit to achieve

Born and raised in Delhi, I completed my education at the top ranked Entrepreneurship school in USA, Babson College, where I studied Economics, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. 

After graduating I worked with an education start-up, assisting their launch and driving their core business. Thereafter, I joined my father to work in our tech manufacturing family business, Omnia Technologies. Having worked at Omnia for half a decade, I gained valuable experience in product development, operations, sales and management. 

Fast-forward to when I was getting married, many friends asked what I would like as a wedding gift, however I did not find any platform that was of help. I ended up being showered with truck-loads of love and gifts, however I wasn’t able to utilize many. I instantly recognised the need for a gift registry in India because we love to pamper our loved ones but don’t always know how. I am now residing in Mumbai and working on making this a reality, establishing my passion project and sister-owned venture, Artofa.



Driven by creativity, order and details 

From a young age, I was motivated to build a business that created value. Always being on the good side of books, I pursued my education at the world’s top B schools. I studied Commerce at SRCC, followed by a Masters in Management at London Business School and Stern School of Business, NYU.

I started my career with sales consulting but soon got roped into the family business. I helped launch Ashbee SWM, a new tech venture in the field of waste management, where I wear many hats including business and product development, strategy and personnel management.

Artofa is the next step towards exploring my creativity and establishing a passion brand. It fulfils an identified need in an unexplored yet significant market that I know and understand well.


Sanya Ratra

Worker bee with an eye for strategy

As an undergraduate studying Statistics in Delhi University, I realised that I was at my best when I looked beyond just the numbers. After graduating, I spent 2 years building the digital presence and spearheading online marketing strategy at BCIL, our IT family business.

During my MBA at Indiana University, I majored in Marketing with a focus on consumer insights. This gave me a deeper understanding of how consumers think and feel, in order to deliver solutions that they truly need. Thereafter, I have followed my twin passions of market research and branding strategy as the product head at CIEL Skincare.

When I was expecting my first child in 2016, I did a lot of research to make the best choices for my baby. Arranging the chosen items from many different places was complicated and time consuming. At my baby shower, I received many gifts that were identical. This and other shared experiences have led us to Artofa – an online marketplace where we recommend what we love and what we think is worthy of your time and wallet.