Self Care Tea Kit
Self Care Tea Kit
Self Care Tea Kit

Self Care Tea Kit

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A warm cup of tea and some me time should definitely be a part of your selfcare routine. Tea is made up of nutrients and anti-oxidants that calm your mind and rejuvenates your soul. Pause a little, take a breath, grab a cup of tea and relax! Packed in the self-care kit are five splendid teas that will bring you calm while you enjoy a warm cup with yourself, for yourself.

Sample Pack Specification:

  • GT29 - Bi Luo Chun, 15g - A strong, authentic flavor nourished in the mountain air leaves, it’s nothing short of a refreshing experience. This mild green- spiral-shaped tea with a puff of florals, enhances your mood. Being a part of the green tea family, Bi Luo Chun stimulates weight loss and boosts metabolism, it also energizes your body. Have a cup before you start your day.
  • JT06 - Indian Organic Black Jasmine Loose Leaf Tea, 15g - Brew a cup of miraculous jasmine flavor tea, a proven method to improve one’s mood. Bllack tea helps you to lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, and improves gut health. Relish in the sweet aroma and strong taste of black tea whenever you feel low. It’s also a natural antidote for stress.
  • BLD08 - Tea Spa Tea Blend, 15g - A brew brimmed with healthy sips. This magical blend of aromatic French lavender buds, cleansing ginger mint, and cooling Peppermint will give you a refreshing break amidst your hectic schedules.
  • OT11 - Darjeeling Oolong Loose Leaf Tea, 15g - Brew a cup of this natural aromatics, mellow muscatel tea infused with polyphenols to boost your metabolism, regulate sugar level and improve brain functionality. Oolong also helps in reducing the risks of cancer.
  • WT04 - Indian Organic White Bai Mudan - Platine Loose Leaf Tea, 15g - Basked with the benefits of white tea, a warm cup of white bai mundan serves as an antioxidant, augments memory, improves digestion, and boosts energy. This aromatic blend is refreshingly infused with fruity flavors.

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