Story Pillows
Story Pillows
Story Pillows

Story Pillows

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RECOMMENDED AGE: 2 years above
These work great for verbal storytelling and inspiring imaginative, sensory play.
Time for Storytelling! Works best when kids are sitting around together. Here are three ways your story pillows can guide your family's storytelling experience:
1. Once upon a time: Begin by using your pillow pictures as prompts to tell an imaginary tale to your children. Take out one pillow from the bag on the table as a trigger for the beginning of your story, and add each subsequent pillow as the story progresses. Start with shorter stories, using only five or six of the stones. Work towards longer stories, with more stones added. Once you’ve shared a story or two, invite your children to take turns using the stones tell stories of their own.
2. "Take a turn" stories: Once your children are confidently using the pillows to create their own stories, try telling a "take a turn" story together. Decide who will go first. Ask that person to pick a pillow from the bag and start the story. Each person then goes in turns to choose and add one pillow from the collection to extend the story a little further, until all of the pillows have been used both sides. The best part — your family will never quite know where this type of story will take you!
3. Mystery stories: Choose who'll go first and invite that person to choose one pillow at random, using it as a prompt to start the story, and then turn it over, use the other side as a prompt for the next person. Continue around the table, taking turns to flip over one pillow at a time to extend the story. However you choose to share, the power of a story to create moments of connection and belonging for your children makes storytelling a fabulous way to spend time together.

Contains one cotton drawstring bag with 20 reversible pillows 2x2 inches, filled with non allergenic polyester fiber It totals up to 40 images as prompts for story building. A story building map for the littles.
  • Creativity, visualisation skills and communication skills.

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The book cover is made of cotton fabric which is detachable and washable in a cold cycle.