Young Skin Duo
Young Skin Duo

Young Skin Duo

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This ultimate anti-ageing duo works around the clock to keep your skin well hydrated, smooth and bright! The day cream provides essential moisture that replenishes and plumps dry, slackening skin. While you sleep, the serum provides comprehensive rejuvenation and repair for a gorgeous, youthful glow by morning.

Key Benefits :

Day Cream : 

  1. Fades wrinkles & fine lines 
  2. Boosts collagen 
  3. Locks moisture for deep hydration 
  4. Brightens and lifts skin 

Night Serum :- 

  1. Fades wrinkles & fine lines 
  2. Replenishes the skin at all levels 
  3. Tightens & lifts the skin 4) Brightens skin

Dimensions : 18 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm

Weight : 80g

Material : Pomegranate, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Apple Stem Cells, Pullulan

Delivery Time: 1 Week

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