TDTea Discovery Kit
TDTea Discovery Kit
TDTea Discovery Kit

TDTea Discovery Kit

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Tea is more than just a drink. For when you feel like exploring something that is soothing and tasty at the same time. Take a walk in the garden of tea by TDT where we have over 300 varieties of teas for you to choose from. Find yourself some exciting blends, and different flavors of the rarest and premium quality teas. TDTea discovery kit is made up of 5 amazing teas to get your hands on. These are the samples of the treasure, try these out and relish in the magnificent experience that will leave you craving for more. 

Sample Pack Specification:

  • JT03 - Chinese Sanhua - Argent Loose Leaf Jasmine Tea, 15g - From the mystic region of San Hua, this splendid jasmine tea is made up of young leaves, hand curled with a lingering whiff of jasmine flowers. A cup of Chinese San Hua will bring you a refreshing and energetic experience, its floral scents will further calm you down.
  • BLD04 - White Lemongrass Romance, 15g - A gentle combination of heavenly bai mundane white tea, Jammu lemongrass, sweet Chrysanthemum petals that makes you want to fall in love with yourself. Put some music on and brew a stellar cup that will calm down your mind, and relax your nervous system. The sweet fragrance of this tea will create an ecstatic ambiance to embarrass your love for yourself. 
  • BLD53 - Black Rose Love, 15g - On the hectic days, all you need is a moment to sit down. A cup of black rose love is the perfect break amidst your calls, rose to hold a charming smell that soothes your mind, when infused in black tea with sheer expertise by the farmers it strengthens your bones, clears your mind, so you can start back feeling refreshed.
  • GT26 - Silver needle Bud, 15g - A royal cup of calmness. Delicately hand-plucked most silvery and unopened buds to serve a creamy texture and sweet taste with a whiff of wildflowers. The buds are nurtured and cultivated with care in early spring and are known to be preferred by the royal family. Brew a cup of anti-aging tea, and enhance your weight loss revitalize process.
  • GT53 - Organic Matcha, 15g - Nurtured with extreme care and expertise, a Japanese green tea powder that relieves stress, and calms your brain. The presence of methylxanthines stimulates microcirculation in the skin, thus augmenting the health of the skin, and ensures an even complexion.

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