Heritage Pure Lotus Copper Urli (Single)
Heritage Pure Lotus Copper Urli (Single)
Heritage Pure Lotus Copper Urli (Single)
Heritage Pure Lotus Copper Urli (Single)

Heritage Pure Lotus Copper Urli (Single)

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  • Our Pure Copper urli bowls have a beautiful lotus pattern embossed over them. Water filled urlis with flower petals and t-lights, not only look pretty and festive, they also have a significance in Indian culture and tradition as per our history.
  • They are said to bring good luck, wealth and peace. Lotus is a symbol of purity.
  • The Lotus flower is regarded in many different cultures, especially in eastern religions, as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.
  • It’s considered very auspicious in most of the religions, specially buddhism. This beautiful urli is perfect for any auspicious or festive season.
  • They make up for perfect gifts or add on to your own home. They are made in 100% pure copper.
  • Made by The Decor Remedy
  • Size: 8 inches diameter, depth 3.5 inches
  • Material: Made in 100% pure Copper

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You can significantly increase the life of your products by taking proper care of them. The Copper Uruli comes coated with lacquer that helps keep them be tarnish-free. Copper urlis can be cleaned by Lemon and Salt. Simply add some salt to the lemon and rub it gently all over the utensil. A paste of lemon and salt can also be applied to stubborn areas like the bottom or edges of the pot. Leave this paste for at least half and hour and keep scrubbing it periodically. It will definitely make your utensil shine again. Using the lemon alone can also be one efficient technique of cleaning the stained copper vessel. Use one sliced piece of lemon and rub it gently against the vessel to get rid of the stains. Then rinse it and let it dry to see the positive results.