15 Days of Teatox
15 Days of Teatox
15 Days of Teatox

15 Days of Teatox

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Say goodbye to toxins! We've put together three very unique teas in this Tea Tox kit that will help you embrace the detox lifestyle. They help you wind down stress, detoxifies your body, helps with weight loss, and builds your immune system. Packed together in the 15 days of teatox kit are Natural Moringa Cleanse, Black Tea, and Green tea, a complete solution for your 15 days of teatox. 3 teas, 15 gms each, brew 1 cup a day using 3 grams and 1 tin lasts for 5 days. You can also rebrew them up to 3-4 times and discover the evolved taste.

Sample Pack Specification:

  • BT03 - Gold bud black tea, 15g - This premium black tea regulates your cholesterol and enhances overall cardiovascular functionality. It also plays a prominent role in curtailing blood pressure and sugar levels. Brew a warm cup and flush out the impurities.
  • GT21 - Xiuning Songlou green tea, 15g - This elite green gold is sweet flavored and extremely healthy. It helps in enhancing digestion, reduces blood sugar, controls blood pressure, prevents tooth decay, and stimulates weight loss. Brew a cup on your teatox days and relax while it helps flush out the toxins.
  • BLD42 - Natural Moringa Cleanse, 15g - A mystical, caffeine-free herbal blend. Moringa’s prebiotic nature, cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory properties, star anise’s vitamin-rich tendencies, and lemongrass with its antibacterial and antifungal characteristics are put together to embellish your gut health and improve your metabolism. Brew a cup to cleanse and calm your body

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